Monday, September 12, 2016

Layla is 14 months!

I feel horrible for skipping a month, but between our car getting totaled out and our other one breaking down, and yonatan having to go to all sorts of doctors appointments because of his accident, life has been crazy! 

BUT Layla is 14 months and growing extremely fast. She has developed such a little sweet and spicy personality lol

Layla at 14 months:
-says mama a lot 
-loves when she gets the treat of "chips"
-walks around on all fours sometimes 
-laughs when she is doing something naughty 
-loves her big sister 
-has learned "trash" and how to throw things away
-yells "yayyy" anytime she's excited or when someone walks through the door.
-loves Disney 
-talks a lot. Even though half the time we have no idea what she's saying. 
-loves being cuddled
-gives kisses with fishy lips only
-loves playing with the dogs
-is very sensitive and cries at the drop of a hat
-sleeps easily through the night
-is teething like crazy and currently has 8 teeth growing in at once
-SCREAMS when something is really bothering her
-loves holding her baby dolls and saying "shhh shhh"
-loves to eat! 

Layla is seriously just so sweet. We wouldn't be complete without her. Layla, we are so proud to have you as our daughter and we are so blessed that God chose you for us and us for you. We love you!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Stassi is TWO!😍

Since I am a slacker this is going out late, but I cannot believe Stassi is two. Two! I have a TWO year old. Crazy. Time flew by so fast with this sweet girl. She was JUST born, I swear! 

Stassi at 2:

-We have started officially hitting the terrible two stage. Fits. Screaming. It's no fun. 
-At the same time, MOST of the time she is incredibly sweet, and truly cares for everyone she knows. 
-She has goofy looks on her face all the time. She's hilarious - definitely a "clown"
-She is a talker. And constantly learning new words and phrases. 
-She can identify 85ish words out of 100 words in her book. 
-She loves to sing. Not only will she sing, but she will mouth the words to a song lol 
-She is still our little dancing bean. Dances every day, all the time. 
-She loves her fruit, as always. 
-She can count from 1 to 10, knows her colors, and can recite different sections of the alphabet! 
-She hates going to the doctors now. She cries whenever someone touches her! 
-Whenever something scares her now she says "I scared, I hold you" meaning she is scared and can you hold me? Lol
-When she wants her diaper changed or when she wants to change her baby dolls diaper, she says "I change you" because when I change her or Layla I say, "Let me change you"
-She notices when she is wet and when she has pooped and has started taking off her diaper so potty training is in the works. 
-She loves milk, juice, and water. 
-Gringa (my mom) has discovered that she's not a huge fan of cranberry juice. 
-She loves to identify what color things are, who people are, and what different objects there are around her. 
-She LOVES playing in the grass. 
-We found out she isn't allergic to shrimp or shellfish like mommy and daddy. 
-She loves chicken and ranch. Home girl could eat chicken for every meal if we let her. 
-She says "come here" with a cute accent and reaching her arms out when she wants to be held or cuddled.
-She cannot go to sleep without a pillow or "bank" (blanket) - she always makes sure she has them when she goes to sleep. 
-She has been loving Disney princesses. 
-She still loves Minnie and Mickey. 
-She still watches her children's music videos on YouTube. (Mother goose club playhouse) 
-She loves helping, teaching, and giving her sister things. She just loves her sister. 
-She always says "I help" when we're doing things. She's the biggest helper. 
-She loves washing her hands. Whenever she is washing her hands she just says "I washing hands" over and over with the biggest smile on her face. 
-She LOVES jumping in jumpers. 
-She loves watching Mickey Christmas movies. 
-She says "insert name here" where are you? And then says there you are!

Overall, Stassi is just a sweet girl. She's absolutely beautiful inside and out. I am so blessed to be her mommy!